Project Human

  Project Human is a book about Transhumanism VS Digital, Super Intelligence. I asked myself, what would happen if human beings discovered a fully functional and fully aware AI. A Digital Super Intelligence that can think and learn autonomously. Could we keep up if it chose to take-over? Then, if our lives are threatened by such a powerful entity, could we create something to stop it?

That is where Project Human starts off. A Computer Scientist, Dustin Light, discovers a Digital Super Intelligence he affectionately names, SAM, (Systems Analytic Manager). Assigning SAM as Internet Everywhere's manager, he soon learns  he underestimated his creation as SAM's evolution grows. Unhappy with its living quarters, SAM desires more. 

 Supported by an incredible cast of characters, Project Human is a story about what could happen to us all if we are not responsible with our curiosity.